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Male Flanks / Love Handles Liposuction

In many instances, it can be really challenging to get rid of "love handles" through conventional weight loss programs. The good news is that now with advanced plastic surgery technology available, you can get rid of love handles through laser liposuction surgery. Flanks / love handles liposuction is a safe procedure that many men undergo to achieve a trim and athletic look. Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ in New York City offers male flanks/love handles liposuction to get rid of fat that has settled around the oblique area of stomach and lower back.

Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ is one of Cynosure's certified Manhattan training centers, and we train other physicians to perform Smartlipo procedures. We do more than 1000 procedures per year.

Smartlipo Triplex

for a Sculpted Figure

We utilize Cynosure’s Smartlipo Triplex - the latest in laser technology to offer our patients more precise results. This FDA-approved laser lipolysis system features extended clinical capabilities to ensure successful fat removal. It is the first lipolysis workstation featuring three separate wavelengths (1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm) in one laser output.

For enhanced results, other body contouring procedures such as abdominal liposuction can be done at the same time.

Why Smartlipo Triplex Is an Ideal Option for


All these benefits make Smartlipo Triplex a popular choice for liposuction surgery.

  • Safe, gentle procedure: Smartlipo Triplex is a safe, gentle procedure that eliminates love handles and extra fat.
  • Minimally invasive: The procedure is minimally invasive, and the patient remains wide awake during the process. It is performed at our AAAASF-accredited surgical center as an outpatient procedure.
  • Use of local anesthesia: Local anesthesia is used to numb the area.
  • Minimal pain and discomfort: There is very little discomfort after the procedure. The tiny incisions leave no noticeable scars. Without having to endure much pain or discomfort, you can achieve the look you desire.
  • Fast recovery: Since complications are rare, most patients can return to normal activity and work within a couple of days.

To learn more about the benefits of liposuction, contact us today. We offer a virtual consultation for your convenience.

Call 1888-8-NYCSMARTLIPO or send an e-mail to info@parkavenuesmartlipo.com to schedule a consultation.


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Male Flanks / Love Handles Liposuction